John Lamb Jr

Centerville, Massachusetts 2 comments

Do not use John Lamb Jr of Plymouth Ma or West yarmouth as he will take your money and his work is substandard.It will cost you more to fix his work.

John lamb Jr. did work at our home and under his contract with us he was suppose to pay the plumbers and electricians. full payment was made to John Lamb and he did not pay the plumber nor the electricicina.

also had to have a contractor come in and fix muliply things that were not done correctly according to plans that were given to John Lamb.iiiiii uu

Review about: Prepayment Fraud.



I used John Lamb for a siding and roofing job in Kingston last year. He neglected to peel off the plastic wrap from the glue strip on the shingles and now the shingles are falling off the house

to Anonymous Lynn, Massachusetts, United States #1350527

Glad you did your research.... ?Your warranty would be void if anyone peeled the nailing reinforcement strip from the back of the shingle!

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